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Coping with Suicide Loss

In this 3-part conversation, "Coping With Suicide Loss,” mental health advocates Samantha Nadler, Jean Toh, Shauna Toh and Mariette Hartley share the depth of their losses and how they continue to cope, showing us how it's not about what you alone could have done -- it's about what you're doing now.

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Suicide From the Other Side

My flip phone says 3 missed calls 2 from home 1 from him I assume her phone died so she used his to call me and I quickly relive the night before up in the wee morning hours listening to her tears telling her it'll be okay get to yoga center yourself you only want to be with someone who [...]

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Teens, College & Suicide Prevention

In this 3-part conversation, "Teens, College & Suicide Prevention," suicide prevention advocate and attempt survivor, Misha Kessler, psychologist and CEO of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, Dr. Kita Curry, and college suicide prevention advocacy group, Active Minds, discuss the impact mental health support on college campuses can make for students.