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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

The S Word will amplify the voices of those living through suicide attempts and loss.

The ache of loss is part of me, but I think sharing my experiences with others is the best I can do now.
Jean Toh
What Now? Am I the only one?
Where is everybody? How can I make a difference?
Dese'Rae Stage
I don’t want my story of despair to be told without the resolution – the hope.
Misha Kessler

Wall of Hope and Wall of Remembrance.

When we are alone, hope can be hard to find. But when we stand together hope is all around us.

Support a friend, family member or yourself as a suicide attempt survivor on our Wall of Hope.

 Pay tribute to a loved one lost to suicide by including their name on our Wall of Remembrance.

Our Goals

  • Raise awareness about suicide prevention and resources, including alternatives that reach outside the box.

  • Expand the conversation about suicide to include everybody, because we have all been touched by it in some way.

  • Talk openly about suicide without judgement, shame or discrimination.

  • To get people to think about suicide in a completely different way – highlighting the complexity, pain and even humor of our survivors.

  • Change the world. (Okay we know one film can’t change the world but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.)

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