There’s Help

In this 3-part conversation, Kelechi Ubozoh, attorney Skip Simpson and Leah Harris share their thoughts on the value of hope in otherwise dire circumstances.

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In this 3-part conversation, Andrew Solomon, Dr. Kita Curry and Katie Hardy discuss the influence of the media on suicide prevention.

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Support Networks

In this 3-part conversation, Kelechi Ubozoh, Janet Bivens, Leah Harris and Dr. John Draper discuss how anyone can be there for someone when they are struggling - not just mental health professionals.

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Talk to Someone

In this 3-part conversation, Kelechi Ubozoh, Dr. Craig J. Bryan and Wilma Townsend discuss the life-saving significance of talking to someone about your struggles.

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Asking For Help

In this 3-part conversation, Dese'Rae Stage, Kelechi Ubozoh, Dr. John Draper and Shari Sinwelski discuss the often life-saving importance of asking for help.

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Our Stories

In this 3-part conversation, “Our Stories,” psychologist Dr. Bill Schmitz and attempt survivor and mental health advocates Craig Miller and Leah Harris talk about how life can change and we can come back from the bottom, with a focus on connection and societal change.

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