Surviving Loss

In this 3-part conversation, “Surviving Loss,” loss survivors Katie Hardy, Amelia Lehto, Shirlee Zane and Jean, John and Shauna Toh consider the seemingly interminable questions that arise from the suicide of a loved one.

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In this 3-part conversation “Unmasking,” attempt survivors Kelechi Ubozoh, Leah Harris and Iden Campbell and psychologist Dr. April Foreman discuss the power of taking off the mask and ending the silence surrounding suicide - opening a much-needed conversation that could save lives.

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Self Care

In this 3-part conversation, “Self Care,” attempt survivor and mental health advocate Leah Harris, loss survivor and mental health advocate Mariette Hartley and artist David Best share their stories of self care and connecting with others and how those simple things can save lives and revive the human spirit.

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In this 3-part conversation, “Hope,” attempt survivor and suicide prevention advocate Eduardo Vega, attempt survivor and speaker Craig Miller, and psychologist Dr. Bill Schmitz talk about how essential hope is in the battle against suicide and suicidal ideation.

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Means Restriction

In this 3-part conversation, “Means Restriction,” suicidologist Dr. Thomas Joiner, attempt survivor and mental health advocate Leah Harris, and psychologist Dr. April Foreman discuss the importance of restricting the lethal means that could lead to someone dying by suicide.

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In this 3-part conversation “Intent,” attempt survivors Craig Miller and Kelechi Ubozoh and loss survivors Shauna, Jean and John Toh discuss how intent comes into play when dealing with suicidality.

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The Medical Model

In this 3-part conversation, “The Medical Model” Psychologists Dr. Sally Spencer Thomas, Dr. Thomas Joiner and mental health advocate Leah Harris discuss how suicide prevention goes well beyond the medical model alone.

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Lived Experience

In this 3-part conversation, “Lived Experience,” attempt survivors Leah Harris and Kelechi Ubozoh and lead suicidologist Dr. Thomas Joiner discuss how sharing our stories and understanding that it’s okay not to be okay can help us focus on life.

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Seeking Help

In this 3-part conversation, “Seeking Help,” Kita Curry (Didi Hirsch CEO), Leah Harris, Misha Kessler and Kelly Davis (attempt survivors) and Mariette Hartley (loss survivor), share their insights regarding the importance of asking for help when feeling suicidal

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How to Respond

In this 3-part conversation, “How to Respond,” psychologists Eduardo Vega and Craig Bryan and mental health advocate Leah Harris, enlighten us about how to respond to someone who is suicidal.

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