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Seeking Help

In this 3-part conversation, “Seeking Help,” Kita Curry (Didi Hirsch CEO), Leah Harris, Misha Kessler and Kelly Davis (attempt survivors) and Mariette Hartley (loss survivor), share their insights regarding the importance of asking for help when feeling suicidal

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Being There to Respond

In this 3-part conversation, "Being There to Respond,” mental health advocates DeQuincy Lezine, Dese’Rae L. Stage and Leah Harris help us learn how to be there to respond to individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings.

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Crisis Hotlines

In this 3-part conversation, "Crisis Hotlines," Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Dr. John Draper, Founder of Trans Lifeline, Greta Martela, and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's Shari Sinwelski tell us how hotlines have transformed suicide prevention, and continue to save lives every single day.

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Seeking Help & Suicide Prevention

In this 3-part conversation, "Seeking Help & Suicide Prevention,” psychologist and CEO of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, Dr. Kita Curry, suicide attempt survivor, Samantha Nadler, and leading suicidologist, Dr. Thomas Joiner, tell us why we can't do it all ourselves, and why asking for help doesn't make you "less than," it makes you human.

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