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Josh Bayer is a writer, director, editor and cinematographer from West Bloomfield, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011, edited and art directed music videos for Giant Eel Productions (a startup company in Detroit specializing in 3D media) and wrote and directed an award-winning short film for Super Soaker in 2012. He has since migrated to Los Angeles, where he is currently filming and editing documentaries with MadPix Films, and was lead editor on the recently finished romantic comedy feature “Cloudy With A Chance Of Sunshine.” His short films (ranging from the brazenly experimental to the darkly comedic) have appeared in festivals nationwide (Palm Springs, CineQuest, Accolade, Zero, Detroit Independent, etc.), and are a source of joy among kindergartners, stay-at-home hipster dads, and food lovers.

Editor and Camera Operator

Suicide. A real curveball. It was a topic I hadn’t thought too hard about until I was asked to shoot video for a suicide documentary — one that has since been titled “The S Word.” I remember my initial coffee meeting with Lisa Klein, the director of the film. She asked me if I would [...]

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