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Iden Campbell serves on the Center of Excellence (CoE) on Behavioral Health for Racial Ethnic/Minority National Advisory Board as well as serving in an advisory capacity to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Iden has been nominated and awarded for his advocacy and community accomplishments many times over the last few years including; being nominated as a DC Chamber of Commerce Business Champion in 2013, in 2016, Iden was awarded the Lewis Mitchell Empowerment Award at the Black Trans Advocacy Conference, and in 2013, Iden was awarded the National LGBT Leadership Award at the Alternatives Conference.

Finding Life After Death: The Day I Died Didn’t Take Away My Pain

Writing this is hard because even though I’ve spoken about my personal struggles in public and on video those are distant memories. Almost 18 years since my last attempt and 17 years since my last mental health break and hospitalization. I wonder will I lose business opportunities because this attempt is so fresh? How will [...]

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