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Means Restriction

In this 3-part conversation, “Means Restriction,” suicidologist Dr. Thomas Joiner, attempt survivor and mental health advocate Leah Harris, and psychologist Dr. April Foreman discuss the importance of restricting the lethal means that could lead to someone dying by suicide.

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Cloverdale Screenings

THE S WORD recently descended on the town of Cloverdale, CA in beautiful Sonoma County. The day began with a screening of the new one-hour, school-friendly version at Cloverdale High School, followed by a group discussion with director Lisa Klein. The students were blown away by the film, which elicited comments such as “I think [...]

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Mayo Clinic Screening

We were honored to screen The S Word at the Mayo Clinic, presented by the Center for Humanities in Medicine. A panel discussion followed the film featuring director Lisa Klein, Natalia Chimbo-Andrade, Community Bridges, INC in Arizona, Emily LaFlamme, Program Coordinator, Be Connected and  Allison Schmitt, eight-time Olympic medalist in swimming.   Dr. Bright, Vice Chair [...]

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Good Docs Interview

An intimate conversation with Lisa Klein on her film The S Word and suicide survivors by Sean Steinberg of Good Docs. "Lisa Klein joins us to discuss her new film, The S-Word, which follows suicide survivors on their inspiring, and at times, tragic, road to regaining their lives. In an intimate discussion, Lisa discusses her [...]

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Victoria Valvo

13 Reasons Why Not are personal stories from people who have lived through suicidal thoughts. The name is coined from a controversial Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why. The show tells the story of a high school girl who died by suicide after creating tapes explaining why she killed herself. Each tape mentions a different [...]

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University of Arkansas Screening

The Pat Walker Health Center Counseling and Psychological Services sponsored a screening of The S Word followed by a Q & A with director Lisa Klein and Dese'Rae Stage who is featured in the film. Thank you to the University of Arkansas for an amazing night! Dese'Rae and Lisa with University of Arkansas grad students [...]

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In this 3-part conversation “Intent,” attempt survivors Craig Miller and Kelechi Ubozoh and loss survivors Shauna, Jean and John Toh discuss how intent comes into play when dealing with suicidality.