Kelechi Ubozoh, who is featured in The S Word, and L. D. Green are the co-editors of a new book titled We’ve Been Too Patient: Voices from Radical Mental Health–Stories and Research Challenging the Biomedical Model.  A collection of 25 unflinching stories and essays from the front lines of the radical mental health movement.

While much has been written about the systemic problems of our mental-health care system, this book gives voice to those with personal experience of psychiatric miscare often excluded from the discussion, like people of color and LGBTQ+ communities. It is dedicated to finding working alternatives to the “Mental Health Industrial Complex” and shifting the conversation from mental illness to mental health.

Recently Kelechi, K.D. and several of the writers featured in the book (Casey, Ramona and Jesse) took part in a program at the McNally Jackson bookstore in NYC that aired on C-Span. First up are the writers followed by a panel discussion with Kelechi and K.D.

Take a look at the entire program on C-Span.