The sad news of several recent high-profile deaths by suicide has sparked a much-needed national conversation. The S Word’s Dese’Rae Stage and Kelechi Ubozoh participated in two recent network television programs on the subject.

Dese’Rae was a part of “Finding Hope: Battling America’s Suicide Crisis,” a CNN Town Hall hosted by Anderson Cooper. To view the town hall video and many other stories, videos and information on how to get help, visit Additionally, Des wrote an op-ed piece for which you can read here.

Gayle King of CBS This Morning interviewed both Dese’Rae and Kelechi along with other attempt survivors Lisa Yob, Kris Goldsmith and Gregg Loomis. Watch the video and learn more on the CBS website.

Gregg Loomis, Dese’Rae, Gayle King, Lisa Yob, Kris Goldsmith and Kelechi

Anderson, attempt survivors Nicole Keimer, Caitlin Coleman and Dese’Rae