Lisa recently wrote the following article about The S Word which appeared on Medium:

As I tour the country with our documentary, THE S WORD, it’s been interesting to gauge the reactions, from waiters to Lyft drivers to random people who ask what I’m doing in FILL IN THE BLANK city. When I tell them I’m screening my documentary, they inevitably ask “Oh, what’s it about?”

Depending on the day, I usually pause, take a breath, do a short preamble about not jumping to conclusions, then I tell them it’s about suicide. The responses range from “Oh, that sounds like fun” to a very long, uncomfortable silence. A concerned look. Clearing of the throat. Then I launch into my spiel: “It’s not a dirge — at all. It’s even funny — well, not funny in that suicide is funny, but funny and human in its portrayal of people living and surviving and telling their stories so other people won’t have to endure what they have…”

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