It was a jam-packed day in Casper Wyoming. Craig Miller, who is featured in The S Word, joined director Lisa Klein for all the events.

The day started with an interview at the K1 Morning radio show. Then, they were swept away to Roosevelt High School to speak with an assembly of students and faculty. Some very emotional moments from students.

Following Roosevelt, Craig and Lisa spent time talking with local Casper mental health professionals.

Rounding out the day was an awesome community screening at Casper College with a very powerful Q & A with Craig and Lisa.

A very special shout-out to Joanne Theobold, counselor at Casper College, for working so hard to bring us to her campus. And thank you Kelly Clark (Michigan alum) for driving Lisa and Craig around all day.

We love you, Casper.







Joanne Theobold, counselor at Casper College, Craig and Lisa Q&A